USB On Arduino Shield

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USB On Arduino Shield

Post by danlee58 »

I am building an Arduino Shield to interface with a Coridium Super Pro. I want to add a USB mini connector & circuits necessary to do program & terminal operations through the shield board.

What circuits do I need?

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Re: USB On Arduino Shield

Post by basicchip »

The schematics you need are linked to in the help files

On the USB side -- (though you may want to use the FT231 which is cheaper, we will switch over to that later this year)

and SuperPRO

You can make most of the connections you need on the standard shield connections

RXD is on AD6
TXD is on AD7
5V from USB

As you are using C, you will also want to connect BOOT to dDCD1, which connects next to the AREF pin which is unused, add a jumper to stay on the Arduino pins

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Re: USB On Arduino Shield

Post by waqasjunaid »

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