switching baud rates

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switching baud rates

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The default baud rate has been 19.2 Kb from the days of the ARMexpress modules which were limited by the RS-232 translation circuits.

While not a big deal for most code, we have been working with code on an LPC4078 that exceeds 90K in size now. So the download times are getting quite long. As a trial we have been using a firmware version that uses 500 Kb as the default rate, but also switching back to 19.2 for the debug interface. Doing this we've found the best way to handle baud rate switches in general in BASICtools.

I your code--

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wait(100)        ' allow any characters in the queue to be sent out
print chr(1)      ' this flags the BASICtools the code is running at the new baud rate

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