serial used to work

Questions on UARTs, and serial communication
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serial used to work

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I must be doing something wrong.
I have been using Basictools version 7.36 with an "ArmMite Pro" without problems for a long time. Now I switch to version 9.28 with the same hardware and software. After I corrected some syntax errors for the new compiler, I cannot get the RXD(1) function to work right.

Using "CH=RXD(1)", the PRO sees typed input from the BASICtools console, but does not see input on IO pin0 (from a serial terminal), like it used to with "CH=RXD1" in 7.36. I have set BAUD(1)=38400. Typed input from the BASICtools console is seen whether I use "CH=RXD(0)" OR "CH=RXD(1)" in the program, while input on IO pin0 is never seen using "CH=RXD(1), when compiled with Version 9.28.

Is there a solution to this strange problem? Thank you for any advice.

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Re: serial used to work

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The new compiler did not support UART1 and the OLD firmware.

The version of the compiler below will support UART on OLD firmware IF you use RXD1 and TXD1. You can use BAUD(1), but NOT RXD(1) and TXD(1) when using the old firmware.
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