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54005 with mcufriend LCD - Display ID 0x7796

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 2:44 am
by TodWulff
Good day.

Bruce asked that I post my updated code, as I had to tweak it to get the display and touchscreen operable.

I've the red mcufriend 3.5" touchscreen for Uno. Come to find out, they ship boards that have one of multiple different driver silicon thereon. Code for one might not work with others, especially wrt the touchscreen (and possibly with the uSD).

I'll attach herein both the stock lcd code that shipped with the 54005, and my tweaked implementation that ended up working with the 0x7796 driver ICs. I'll attach a couple demo videos too.

EDIT: Stock Coridium LCD demo app, and the todomized version, are attached. Here is a DB link for an archive with additional data therein: ...

It is a continuing WIP, but I've stalled due to professional reasons (extended out-of-state TDY). On my board, I can't read the uSD. That is one of the items I'll be working on, when I get back to MI.

The Coridium stock lcd demo app has a white background and 4 portrait horizontal boxes that change to color when touched and no TS cal on startup. For my hardware, the orientation of the TS was 90 degrees off and no sort of cal would have resolved it. Thus, I todomized it into something vaguely functional, before stalling hard. ... 7.mp4?dl=0

The tweaked version has a black background with the boxes in a square pattern and prompts for a cal after the demo runs in 4 orientations (quickly). ... 4.mp4?dl=0

The cal works. If you intentionally displace the touchpoints during the cal, you'll note touchscreen offsets during the touchbox demo.

I intend to work to eventually fix the uSD and then draft an AB wrapper lib that would offer buttons, sliders, check boxes, and other simple UI goodness. Just haven't had the time yet...

Anyways, until I get back home, enjoy.