Zigbee interface and pulse counting

Questions on other types of hardware and getting it talking to the ARM CPU
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Zigbee interface and pulse counting

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>from the help line
>I am looking at the armite sbc and see that the programming interface is via
the onboard usb, and that there are two uarts. Seems to me that I can hook my
zigbee on the second uart. Is that correct? Are both ports supported in basic
and C. I intend to use C unless I hit a roadblock. In other words, can I use
printf etc to the uncommitted uart that I am thinking of connecting to the xbee?

You can use the second UART for Xbee

printf in C directs output to UART0. This can be changed in C, but you would
need to purchase the C source to do so. PRINT in BASIC always goes to UART0

Note too, that once you download a C program, you can not use BASIC without
re-installing it which requires the purchase of a firmware upgrade.

>Also, is there C support for the hardware pulse counter?

You can access the counter/timer registers in BASIC or C, but there are no
builtin or library routines to support that directly. But the interface is
relatively simple to do counting.

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