Event counters

Questions on other types of hardware and getting it talking to the ARM CPU
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Event counters

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It depends on how fast the counts occur, as to whether you would need to use the
hardware counters or not. If they are slow (pulse width and pulses on the order
of a second or more, the CPU can do it (in the ARMweb the CPU can be busy
serving webpages for a few hundred milliseconds.)

The BASIC program on the ARMweb will do the counting either directly or using
hardware timer/counters.

The webpage the ARMweb serves will also run a BASIC program that lists the
contents of the array.

Another webpage can be used to initialize those counts.

> I am developing a system that counts
> inputs from sensors. I need to program the logic in a MCU
> and time stamp the counts and save the data in a table. A VB
> net program will remotely parse the data by
> location,date,time and counts. Can this be accomplished with
> your web unit?

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