SuperPRO pin description

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SuperPRO pin description

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> Under "Power connections details"
> The BAT pad is shown as 3.3v - it's shown on the schematic as an input, and
would need to be high enough to drive the D2/U2 combination - probably about
3.8v even with the stated 200mA limitation?
> The Cn pin on the serial input is shown as GND.

The diagram has been fixed in the web version, the .CHM and .PDF will be fixed
in a week or so.


Proofreaders are always appreciated.

The SuperPRO also has pads for jumpers to be installed around the diodes. The
thinking being the board will work out of the box with diode drops, maybe with
the V3.3 at the low end of the tolerable range. And also that way you can plug
in any combination of battery, external power, USB power and not have them fight
with each other.
Once in the final configuration you may want to get better performance from the
final supply connection by jumpering around the diode, BUT if you do this make
sure the alternate supply is disabled, for instance disconnect the pin to USB
power if you need to reconnect the USB connection for

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