ProStart-arduino pinout

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ProStart-arduino pinout

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Is there an errata sheet/info for the ProStart schematic pdf??
the J4 & J5 connector signals don't match the silkscreen -- the PCB is a REV3
particularly P1-9,8,5 seems mixed up
2 the schematic shows a serial memory chip - was that a customer mod??, I don't see any lands for it.
I want to build a 'universal' LCD[4-bit mode], hex keypad shield that will work on several of the Coridium boards.
My own 812 ( see my Project for 812 eval HVAC) and the ProStart Board for beginners.
Arnold - did you get the LCD working on your bandsaw ??- you started that in the spring

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Re: ProStart-arduino pinout

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Oops, it never got updated, the file has been updated now. The silk screen on the PCB was always correct.

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