BASIC for the micro:bit

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BASIC for the micro:bit

Post by basicchip »

The microbit is a board build for educational uses and large numbers are out there now. It combines an nRF51822 with an NXP/Freescale KL26Z which supports the mbed programming protocol.

We have ported our BASIC firmware to this device and it can be downloaded here.

To install that BASIC firmware connect the micro:bit and it will show up as a disk drive to the PC. Copy that binary to the micro:bit disk drive.

Once that is installed our standard BASICtools can program the microbit in BASIC.
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More details at the blog ... r-microbit

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Re: BASIC for the micro:bit and Win7

Post by Chris »

The recent version of the Coridium ARM compiler, BasicTools, installed smoothly on my Win7 64 bit laptop.

However, Win7 is noted for not having built-in USB to serial drivers. I went on a fruitless search to get details of how to install Microsoft's USBSER driver, as there was no 'other devices' tab in my Device Manager.

By luck, I stumbled on the 'mbed' site, hosted by Lancaster University, who wrote much of the ARM software for the micro:bit. I installed their standalone driver for Win7 micro:bit 'USB to serial', found at: ... river.html

The result was 'mbed serial port com 5' created and instant success talking to the micro:bit through BasicTools!
I ran several test examples provide by Coridium, all downloaded and worked perfectly.

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