Control from a PC

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Control from a PC

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I want to run 10 digital inputs & 12 Digital outputs and 6 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs for AC Tech's SMVector drive . Now, in a prefect world, I would be able to use Ethernet and MODBUS so I can communicate with a Red Lion touch screen device ... 6M-HMI.pdf .

How much is possible with your little controllers?

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Re: Control from a PC

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We have done this type of control as part of our consulting. Sometimes we use more than one controller, but in most cases we jump start the process by using the off the shelf parts LPC1756 based (SuperPRO), LPC4078, LPC54102, or LPC4370 (DataLogger). These controllers have more than enough horse-power to do these type of operations. In fact if you open up these products you site you will find similar chips.

Sometimes we do this in C, sometimes in BASIC. Many of our customers like BASIC because it is easier for them to modify the code after it has been delivered. Some of those named above have LCD controllers built in, and that kind of interface it makes a lot of sense to use a separate CPU.

We have implemented MODBUS on serial links to both control and respond to commands over that mechanism.

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