Serial support or Interrupts in Demo mode

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Serial support or Interrupts in Demo mode

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>from the helpline
>> Dose the \"offline/DEMO Mode\" work using the \"On Timer ms
> Label\"?

the short answer is no

will it ever, unlikely

Since this was written, it still doesn't exist there, but Mike and I have been talking about expanding the DEMO mode a bit to handle serial ports on the PC. Adding some TIMER functions could also be done.

The reason for serial ports would allow a program on the PC to communicate with an ARM on the serial port and to stream data to/from the command line pipes in Windows.

While there are lots of other ways to do it, it would be a simple interface and the learning curve might be shorter than VisualBASIC or QBASIC or other methods

Anybody have any feedback on whether they might use this???
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Re: Interrupts in Demo mode

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>from the help line (details below)

Unfortunately there is probably no way to keep DTR from toggling when you plug a
board in. This is a function of Windows and probably the driver as well, it is
not any of our code.

If you want to have an ARMmite running while plugging/unplugging the USB cable,
you will have to disconnect at least DTR. As you say you have discconnect pin 2
of the FTDI device (by lifting the pin, or you could make 2 cuts and one jumper
to continue to have the reset push button function).

The other way to go is to use the ARMmite PRO which makes it much easier, bend
up or cut off one of the header pins.

As for BASICs on the PC, please publish your routines, and there is a free
trimmed down version of Visual BASIC that Microsoft offers for download. I have
not been using BASIC on the PC, as I find I need to have menus/windows which Tk
(part of TclTk) makes fairly easy to do.


>I'm trying to help one of your customers with a 'data logger' application that
he's trying to write. He collects data OK, then wants to transfer it using the
USB connection/UART0 into a Liberty Basic routine running on the PC.

The problem is of course that plugging the cable in causes windows to initialize
the port, toggling DTR and stopping the program. Liberty Basic CAN then control
DTR, but the program still gets reset. Inverting DTR allows the program to run,
but it still gets reset. Not desirable.

I've modified one of my boards by lifting pin 2 of the FTDI chip and connecting
it to the via near R8, thru a switch. He's not able to make this mod.

Tried to find a way in software to inhibit the RESET line until the next POR,
but no luck. It would have to be in your RESET code I think.

Any other way? If not you might consider if the 'RESETn' net can be modified to
allow a jumper or similar so 'savvy' users can have a bit of flexibility.

Visual Basic is not an option for this user, nor I suspect most users ($$$).
Liberty Basic and JustBasic are readily available and free - and are otherwise
ideal for this time of application.

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