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SO-20 version of BASICchip

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 7:56 pm
by basicchip
NXP has an LPC812 in SO-20 coming out this summer. In preparation for that (we have some engineering samples) a new release of BASICtools has been posted on the Coridium Tech support page.

BASICtools updates--
support for LPC812
integrated Tod's AB_Math library into the release, with at least some initial help file entries
I keep recommending people look at the libraries when they need to make changes to an SPI routine or some other serial protocol, so that is now much easier as there are links to those in the Help Menu as well as links to all the BASIC sample programs we publish
Some simple examples to use the AB_Math library

MakeItC updates--
support for LPC812
support for LPC4078 in the works
better links to all the Sketch and C examples we publish