Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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> Also on the todo list is to try out C support as this is where I want
> to be long-term (I'm planning on doing FreeRTOS or more likely
> implementing my own mini version thereof).
> John

FYI: In the last couple of days, I modified the ARM2129 version of
FreeRTOS so it will run on the LPC2103 at 20MHz, and it's running on
the wireless ARMmite board where I have a WiFi radio. With all the
demo code, it's about 8KB and I'll now build one without all that demo

I replaced all the FreeRTOS code to initialize the PLL, timer0 and I/O
port with my own code because mine deals with varying crystal / PLL
arrangements easily and correctly whereas the demo didn't. Also, the
demo has a driver only for UART0 and that driver isn't integrated for
use with stdio (printf(), gets() and so on). I may replace their UART
driver with my own dual-UART one that's interrupt driven and uses the

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