uploading C files

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uploading C files

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I resolved this by just using Flash Magic to upload the .hex. As and
FYI to others, the C upload protocol is part of the LPC2103 ISP and is
documented in the LPC2103 datasheet.


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> Is there any documentation on the protocol for loading C programs?
> Again, I am facing (latency) issues with the Bluetooth wireless.
> By using SysInternal's Portmon, I've found that the program sends a
> '?' (no CR/LF) and then attempts a read. The read is timing out after
> ~2 ms. This is about 2x longer one byte @ 9600 bps, so it's a very
> reasonable value excluding the wireless latencies.
> Using TclTerm or Realterm, I get a response [random character] +
> "Synchronized.<CR><LF>". Rough values on this show a latency of
> possibly 20+ ms for that whole string of 16 characters.
> Thanks,
> John

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