ARMstamp serial nomenclature idiosyncracies

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ARMstamp serial nomenclature idiosyncracies

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BASICtools 6.24 TclTerm 7.07 ARMbasic[9.43]
ARMbasic Kernel[8.40b] with Floating Point for the LPC11U37

1)on the ARMstamp - txfree(0) reports 128 always -- while outputting txt on USB/TXD(0) - seems okay since its 115Kbaud
................... txfree(0) reports a diminishing buffer value while outputting txt on TXD(1) [over 100 characters]
................... txfree(1) reports a ' -1 ' while outputting txt on TXD(1)
fyi for others reading this -- on the ARMstamp[11u37] USART is on the SIN/SOUT pins - and is RXD(1)/TXD(1)
2) ch1 = RXD1 causes a compiler error:: HELP needs updated???
ch1 = RXD causes this compiler error :: "expected element(expression)"
HELP shows this "The compiler is also backward compatible with the syntax -- x = RXD0 , x= RXD , or x= RXD1

-ERROR C:/Users/Zwanster/DOCUME~1/Coridium.519/RTC_fake_11u37_test_TX0.bas:
64: RXD1 has been replaced with RXD(1)

NOTED: ch=RXD0 doesn't produce an error
3) I outputted text wether I had BAUD(0) or BAUD(1) - but I needed one of them to get text on SOUT
Just some 'funnies' encountered - using TXD(1) works for serial
am still checking out the RXD(1) abilities

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