TCL versions are mismatched

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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TCL versions are mismatched

Post by olzeke51 »

I downloaded setupBasic.exe on 5/21 and installed in it's own folder.
BT is at 6.24 and it reports TclTerm as 7.07
but if I load TclTerm.exe from that new folder - I get version 7.04....
Can I get 7.07???
Thanks, gz

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Re: TCL versions are mismatched

Post by basicchip »

TclTerm.exe is the standalone compiled version of TclTerm.tcl

I don't know if there were really sufficient changes in TclTerm to warrant releasing a newer compiled version, but I'll put it in the queue.

BASICtools includes TclTerm.tcl by source (Tcl keyword) the .tcl file

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