BT/tclterm function

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BT/tclterm function

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what does the <RESTART> button do in the BT window??
some of the Tclterm.tcl code implies a 'resume' function ?? " ^ "
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Thanks for any clarification... Gary

edit: to my thinking -- RESTART would begin my program again.....
"Resume" would pickup from a Programmed STOP command

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Re: BT/tclterm function

Post by basicchip »

That button starts out as RESTART when you load BASICtools (BT). At that point it will launch a program previously saved in the ARM.

If you choose a program to compile it will switch to RUN, which will compile and load and run the program.

It then reverts to RESTART which will again restart the program.

If you had a STOP in your program it will do a resume.

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