MakeItC missing CPU??

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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MakeItC missing CPU??

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#edit - had been a missing file issue - but the reboot of my PC seems to have solved it
TWO problems - depending on if its a ~.c program or a ~.ino
Downloaded the SetupC.exe from the "Specials" link from the web home page.
installed , had to use the 'File" command to load the 'Blink.ino"
Used the <Run> button [and the Tools/Compile option] to test out the SuperPro-rev7
## edit and came up with an unsupported CPU message.
errors.png (42.12 KiB) Viewed 4905 times
here is the log file incase that helps
Hope this helps.
#edit - mmight be my system is overloaded - I reinstalled SetupC.exe into a shorter named directory, and now
I get an unsupported CPU for the SuperPro !!!
am rebooting my system
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Re: MakeItC missing CPU??

Post by basicchip »

Not sure sketches work anymore. After a lot of effort, no one seemed to be using it. So we gave up testing on sketches.

But we use it all the time for C.

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