Can't get HWPWM to work

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Can't get HWPWM to work

Post by ctkilian »

I have a Super Pro, trying to get HWPWM to work. The following little test program will compile, but there is no output on IO(64) (which is channel 1) that I can see with my scope. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris

#include <HWPWM17.bas>

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Re: Can't get HWPWM to work

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Well I'm still in the middle of a move, and have no ARM devices here, just a computer. All those are somewhere between CA and FL

Try using the HWPWMtest.bas, as last time I checked that was working on most boards, and for sure on the SuperPRO as it is our most common board. You may be missing some setup or include files, right now I can't tell

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