Linux compile, LPC4330

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Linux compile, LPC4330

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Hello BasicChip,
Got a Linux MX-21.1 loaded , so thot I would try your Linux version of ARMBasic.
Followed the install guidelines, went well.
Tried and succeeded with the ARMStamp, and the 54102.

The LPC4330 board -- the GPP compiler highlighted two issues with LPC43xx.bas library file
1] LPC43xx.bas:1261: error: #define/#defeval requires an identifier or a single macro call
>>> grz added some spaces before the "'typedef " #define LPC_UART_ 'typedef ( LPC_USARTn_Type) '// for BASIC

2] LPC43xx.bas:2285: error: unfinished macro
look for defined( not followed by )
>>> grz line 1419 has an extra " ( "
HTH for the future - I know the '4330 is a prototype at this time

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Re: Linux compile, LPC4330

Post by basicchip »

My Linux machines are still in storage, but looks like the issue is a typo in the LPC43xx.bas file

Fixing the first line, fixes it in Windows, most likely in Linux as well. The git has been updated and will roll out in future release.

Corrected file attached here
(175.5 KiB) Downloaded 330 times

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