DOWNTO, Help file

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DOWNTO, Help file

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Hello Basicchip,
I was using the FOR/DOWNTO/NEXT routine.
Per the STEP information:
If no STEP value is specified in the FOR loop the default of 1 is used.
So I didn't put in a value for the DOWNTO /STEP value - and program doesn't run
Would recommend that on the DOWNTO help file that it be stressed to put in a (positive) value.
BTW, Your official example does have a value.
Thanks for listening,
Gary Olzeke
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Re: DOWNTO, Help file

Post by basicchip »

STEP is an optional keyword in FOR statements, true of all BASICs I have seen. If you have a STEP in the statement the compiler expects a value, and in your case the compiler flags it as an error

If there is no STEP keyword then 1 is assumed.

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FOR i = 3 DOWNTO 0
would be the proper syntax

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