Batch programming

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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Batch programming

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Nice Idea, Bruce!

I personally use AutoHotKey (AHK) for all of my automation efforts.
AHK is available at I strongly recommend
that you look at it, if you are interested in automating repetitious
tasks in the Win32 environment. There is a bit of a curve, but if
you are coding for the ARMexpress or ARMmite, you should have no
issues with the syntax or concepts...

I have used AHK with some Voice Recognition applications
(specifically VAC - to help my Mother-In-Law
out (she is disabled with Cerebral Palsy). There is not much that it
can't do, as it is also has a powerful scripting language.

Good luck. If you find a way to get the FTDI drivers to ignore the
serialization of their USB UART, please chime back in and advise.


p.s. I just had a thought (scary!) - Maybe you can use their mprog
utility to force the serialization to all be the same, before going
through the flashing evolution. The utilities for the FTDI product
line is here:

--- In, "basicnode" <bruce@...> wrote:
> I don't have a magic bullet here, and so far we've just lived with
> hassle of this operation.
> Maybe one of the macro-recorder programs would help with this. I
> no experience with any of them. They are mostly shareware, so
> reasonable if they work.
> Anybody have any experience with these?
> web link to a list of them
> list of macro programs <

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