Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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> from the help line
>create primatives like DUP OVER SWAP STORE . in a few hundred bytes worlds
smallest O.S. .... years ago i saw a Forth in a MOT 68HC11 that was complete .
It could assemble new primatives or create higher level primatives , or create
the highest level symbolics . In less than 2 K. I want to create a Forth for
the STR710 FZ2 ,

There are probably a number of Forth implementations for ARM (check either the
Forth community or SourceForge)

As for STR710, I'd say the LPC175x series is now more powerful at 100 MHz
operation and equivalent memory footprints (also cheaper). AND we will be
shipping it in the PRO format later this month. The Yagarto C tools are running
now, and some simple BASIC working as well, but need to add some of the more
complex BASIC functions like interrupts.

I'm familiar with the guts of Forth, as I did some consulting for Novix back in
the late 80s. While you could possibly do a Forth kernel in ARMbasic, it would
be difficult. Though it should be possible to do 99% of it in C, and that would
be my recommendation.

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