Expanded interrupt support

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Expanded interrupt support

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>from the help line
>I really enjoy your ARMMite for rapid development.
>Is there any future offering of a product that better utilizes all the hardware
features of the LPC2103. Specifically, the SPI/SSP in hardware (I really need
the hardware buffer and interrupt to remove burden of bit banging) and more
external and internal interrupts such as the timer capture interrupts.

I really don't seed these. But one of the things being added to the compiler
this weekend (its actually in there, just need to document it) is a general
interrupt facility for BASIC

It keys on 2 new keywords, ADDRESSOF and INTERRUPT SUB

With ADDRESSOF, you can load the VIC registers of the ARM to enable an interrupt

The definition of an INTERRUPT SUB generates the proper stack save/restore code
to add a BASIC interrupt routine.

So the answer is yes, you could always read/write directly to the registers
through a C-like pointer in BASIC, and now you will be able to add an interrupt

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