interrupts in BASIC

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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interrupts in BASIC

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>from help line
>Is it more efficient to use C than Basic when it comes to hardware interrupts?

Now that general interrupts can be done in BASIC, either way works. Yes C does
do a little better optimizing code. There are BASIC examples in
BASIClib/interrupts in the new release.

>How do I access hardware timer/counter registers in Basic? Where is the
information for these registers?

The NXP user manuals cover the registers of the LPC21xx chips. We intentionally
let them keep that documentation up to date.

For examples see the BASIC files in the BASIClib directory

>Do you have the spec for the 32 KHz crystal for ARMmite pro?

You can use a variety of parts, as spec'd in the NXP documentation. We
typically use an Abracon AB26TRB-32.768KHZ-T and 22 pf caps

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