Newline warning

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Newline warning

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> Sandbox/xxx.bas:69:2: warning: no newline at end of file
> Line 68 is a blank line with CR/LF, line 69 is 'empty'
> I've tried adding blank lines(s), spaces etc but still get it.
> What is the IDE looking for in order to clear this?

In the Crimson Editor--

ctrl-END gets you to the last character in the file

If the cursor is not at the far left of the window that last line is not blank.

hit return, then save and it should go away.

Now maybe someone can tell me how to set the Crimson Editor in Win 7 to accept
the present line into the copy buffer when nothing is highlighted. In XP if you
ctl-C and nothing is selected the whole line is copied, in 7 nothing is.

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