#include files in BASICtools

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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#include files in BASICtools

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BASICtools jumps through a lot of hoops to make it look like you have an
interpreter and can type in programs a line at a time.

What actually is occurring is-

You enter a line of code, BASICtools appends a line QUITNOW to the lines you
typed. BASICtools then sends it through the ARMbasic compiler without the

If more where to be done, like looking up libraries, using the pre-processor,...
the "interpreted" feel would go away, as it would take too long..

To handle libraries, a small Tcl routine Allprotos.tcl is called which prepends
some source to the lines you typed to handle the common libraries.
LogicDemo.bas is not among those.

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