BASICtools hang

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BASICtools hang

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In Windows 7, I've occasionally (once a month) seen BASICtools hang up, and
after the process has been killed, when BASICtools is launched again, when a new
program is compiled the error "can't delete _errors.tmp" happens.

Until now, the only sure cure was to reboot the PC. I couldn't even delete the
file which is at %temp%\Coridium\_errors.tmp because another process had it

At least in one case the process that had it open was cmd32.exe

By ending that process it was possible to continue without the reboot. There
might be other scenarios.

For now, all we can offer is this workaround, it's an interaction bug between
Windows and the Freewrap version of Tcl and maybe the USB serial drivers. Could
we kill that process from Tcl when it happens, maybe, but which one should be
killed, what problems might that cause???

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