off-line programming work

Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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off-line programming work

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This may have been discussed before, but not any of my multiple searches on the forum have turned up a comment:

There are many times when I am away from my 'hardware', which is mostly in the machine shop. During idle times (like when watching football in my easy chair), I'd like to see two things:

1) the ability of the Jacksonville Jags to score even more than 1:5 against the Seahawks, and
2) the ability to write, and at least check BASIC code for the SuperPro for _everything_, including proper syntax, defs, structure, code and data size

Right now, all it says is "done" in the demo mode; no reports on code or data info.


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Re: off-line programming work

Post by basicchip »

One of the things you are looking for is a version of lint for ARMbasic. lint is a C program that analyzes syntax of C programs for questionable code. I don't know if such a thing exists for any of the BASIC dialects. Unfortunately lint and BASIC in google doesn't turn up anything immediately as basic is a pretty common word. So some digging would be in order. Even if there is such a thing it would require some customization, while we try to be a subset of VB, there are a number of things that are different, mostly to make it easier to program in an embedded environment.

As for just reporting program size, that could be added to demo mode. One issue is that the ARMbasic compiler supports 2 flavors of ARM. Thumb code is used for Cortex devices like the SuperPRO, and the original 32bit ARM instructions for the ARM7s like LPC2103 and LPC2138 of the ARMweb. Part of what BASICtools does is to get that information from the target board for the compiler. So for demo mode I would have to allow that to be configured by the user. One of the things that I have tried to do is to keep the number of options from growing. KISS is the motto here, as the tools should be easy to use. I'm not sure reporting program size is that useful unless you are trying to squeeze into a smaller device, but I'll think about it. Other than a project we have going on, I have seen only one user pushing the 96K limit of the SuperPRO. Our project is running on an LPC4078 and is topping 68K of code and 20K of strings so far and has been useful in testing the upper limits of the compiler. In our project the size is coming from a complex series of keyboard commands and LCD displayed output in 6 languages. We may end up pushing the 192K limit we set there artificially.

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