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Variables window - redux

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:48 am
by olzeke51
while doing BCD conversions for a DS1307 RTC- this issue came up again:
the 'Variables' tool in BT doesn't show the whole array for BYTEs
IF it is DIM'd as a BYTE, but is okay as a STRING
(there is extra data shown for the STRING - can be confusing - I DIMmed it short to keep it to 2 blocks of display data)
ARMbasic[9.33b] on the PC ARMbasic Kernel[8.33a] for the BASICchip - had similar issues with the LPC812 eval chip
*********************** variables tool results - fresh runs from power-up condition
DATTA "datab" 64617461 62003500 61007461 as string
DATTA "data" 64617461 as byte
********************* PROGRAM LISTING ****************
dim datta(6) as string ' or as BYTE
datta = "datab"
print datta
datta(6) = &H35
print chr(datta(6))
print chr(datta(1))