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Questions about the BASICtools and MakeItC
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Getting Started

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>from an ebay buyer

>Hello, I recently won this item and I just have a couple of questions for getting started:

>On the page, which board/chip is this that I want to click on for moving forward? Which IDE should/can I use for this? I went with this because of the great price but to be quite honest, I haven't the slightest clue as to what I'm actually doing, so even if you can help me get an LED to blink I'll be very grateful.

This is a PROstart board. It requires a USB to serial adapter, which you can find on eBay for cheaper than I can buy the parts. Some of those are counterfeit chips and have issues with some of the latest FTDI drivers. You also want one with a female header, yes we do sell those, but recommend buying from SparkFun (cheaper than ours)

Download the BASIC tools, and it has a getting started section that walks you through flashing the LED.

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