Kalman filters

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Kalman filters

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> Todd: did you autopilot use kalman filtering at all, or anything
> Cheers
> Ben

Hey Ben. The Kalman code for the IMU has been the biggest challenge
for me as of yet. I am exploring other means with which to accomplish
the integration of the angle rate into body transform data (i.e. PID,
Unscented KF, Extended KF, Sigma-Point PKF, etc.), to filter the noise
from the MEMS gyros, and to integrate other information sources into
the attitude/vector/rate algorithms. None of it is easy, and has
temporarily taken the wind out of my sails - hence my tabling it for a
bit and working on another project related to Coridium's ARMbasic
products. Some say ignorance is bliss - I say "BS!" I hate not
possessing the mathmatical aptitudes required to implement what it is
I am needing implemented...

It is my intention, when I get done with what I am currently working
on, to delve back into it, roll up the sleves and see if I can't push
through the challenges.

I am planning on trying to make use of the martix math capabilities
that Cam's uM-FPU provides. If I had a stronger math background, or
could enlist the support of someone who does, then getting over the
hill might be somewhat easier.

(Projecting some skepticism here:) I am also keeping an eye out for a
good, and inexpensive, COTS solution for an IMU...

If you come up with something, please do not hesitate to post it to
the group. I'll do the same.



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