maintaining variables through a power cycle

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maintaining variables through a power cycle

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>from the help line

>Does it have any way to save user data between power cycles.

>If I add the battery I knwo the clock keeps running and when it powers up it
re-starts the program. IS there any way to keep any setpoint between power
cycles? Is there a way to add a battery to holdup the Ram on your design? Or do
I have to add a serial flash device for this?

In the LPC2000 series parts RAM is NOT maintained by Vbat.

The Flash is available for writes (details in the help files under WRITE and
memory maps in the hardware specs section).

In the LPC1700 series RAM is NOT maintained, but 20 bytes in the RTC register
set are held by Vbat (details in the NXP user manual)

Other alternatives would be serial Flash (very cheap and just a few wires to
hook up.

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