After getting BASICtools running on Linux Mint, I had a Raspberry Pi sitting next to my PC. We already knew the USB serial drivers worked, so why not give it a try.

If the standard install on the Pi, included Libre Office, why not BASICtools too.

So copied all the Tcl files over (that all runs natively) after installing tk

  • sudo apt-get install tk

Wasn't sure if there was a package for gpp, but turns it is there too

  • sudo apt-get install gpp
  • cd gpp/src
  • sudo ./configure & make & make install

Then compile the BASIC compiler for the Pi (source not distributed yet, it's a work in progress getting ready for a new product)

  • gcc -DLINUX -m32 winBASIC.c -lm

Copy the executable into the Coridium directory

And the result --- it works

Raspberry Pi Screenshot

Again I am still no Linux guy, though I did create a shell script to install in /usr/bin

cd ~/Coridium
wish BASICtools.tcl &
  • chmod +x
  • sudo cp /usr/bin/.

So now I can just type to launch. I guess there are ways to create a Desktop icon. I still don't know how to create an icon for a TclTk program while running, nor do I really know where the files should be copied to. Any Linux gurus out, all tips appreciated.

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