We were introduced to the Pokitto by NXP and were asked if we would be interested in porting our BASIC to it. We are always interested in inspiring the next generation of engineers, so we happily complied.

Here is our development platform development platform using a spare PCB to bring out JTAG and GPIOs.

The port was fairly easy, but it also prodded us into improving our graphic LCD support. And we also wanted to support both BASIC and C programming on the Pokitto. Our normal C development environment assumes a bare metal platform, so that would normally overlay the BASIC firmware. But with some tweaks our C tools now support developing C on top of the BASIC firmware, taking advantage of initialization code, GPIO control, AD control, printf and other code that is part of the BASIC firmware.

So when compiling C on BASIC firmware select this option in MakeItC.MakeItC C on BASIC

If you have a Pokitto, or even an LPC11U67 board, you can try our BASIC with this download package.

For more details on the Pokitto itself.

Further discussion at the forum

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