Coridium Corporation (Tahoe Vista, CA) offers small footprint, high performance computer chips and boards for the development of wireless, monitoring, measurement, sensors, and related applications.

Designed on the ARM 32-bit chip, the three families are:

  • The latest the ARM Stamp an update to the longest running tool for engineers, DIY'ers and educators.
  • SuperPRO and other Arduino products leverage the wide array of shields for quick prototyping.
  • Software for other vendors ARM processors in BASIC and C

Founded in 2004, the first microchips and boards provided high value and performance at the lowest prices. They were designed to meet the specific budget and programming needs of novices, DIYers, and engineering professionals creating one-of-a-kind, prototypes, and low-volume applications.

The company's annual growth is the result of providing superior products at the lowest price.

There is also increased market demand for the chips and boards that are necessary today for the development of applications such as wireless and sensors, and for robotics, manufacturing floor solutions, and for the build-out of scalable prototypes.

Founder and CEO

Bruce Eisenhard is a prototype designer with 30 years of experience, and the winner of a Consumer Electronic Show award for a video-editing solution.

Mr. Eisenhard has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lafayette College (Easton, PA).

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