Happy 5th of July to everyone. And thanks to the community of users there is a new update to BASIC tools, IDE and examples. They have been using mbed LPC1768 devices, and while the compiler supported this device, the examples and libraries were out of date. And thanks to Tod and Ol'zeke those have been updated.

In addition they added a new feature lacking to the BASICtools Tcl so that when a user types into the text pane of the IDE, those characters are redirected to the Enter line and the Enter line is brought into focus. And they did not disturb the ctl-C ctl-A copy operations of the text pane.

They also corrected an IDE feature, now when there is a pre-processor error the BASICtools IDE will halt and not try to continue or Flash code onto the part.

Thanks again

PS that flag picture is from the inauguration in 2013, six years ago

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