Over the years feedback from our users has suggested improvements and new features. Recently to enable the auto-include feature for both Arduino and existing boards running BASIC, we generate an _includeALL.bas file that contains the user BASIC program as well as the needed register definition file. But this made error reporting a bit misleading for errors like missing ENDIF. One of our users pointed this out, so we took a look at improvements.

We modified the BASICtools (specifically TclTerm.tcl) and compiler ARMbasic.exe to better report the error. Now rather than just reporting a missing ENDIF, NEXT, UNTIL or LOOP statement, the compiler reports the corresponding IF, FOR, DO, or WHILE statement that is missing the terminating statement and reporting that in the #included file which typically is the user BASIC source.

While it only affects 2 files, to make sure you are in sync and have not missed other updates, reinstall setupBASIC.exe. No need to uninstall earlier versions.

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