Getting ready to build up the final Web enabled thermostat. For this version in order to fit inside the housing the ESP8266 has to be soldered into the PCB. That means I wanted to update the firmware and check its operation before soldering it in.

While you can order USB to ESP8266 adapters from China, it can take 3-4 weeks to get them. Instead of that I took one of the LPC1114 boards, and modified it to connect to an ESP8266.

ESP8266 firmware loader

Just a few wires, jumper to select firmware download, and a RESET button

ESP8266 loader wiring

With this setup, I can load the Lua firmware version I have been using.

And to test the BASIC program communicating with the Coridium time server, an LPC824 board was used.

ESP8266 BASIC board

This was a board we built a few prototypes, but never put it into production. By the time we were ready the LPC11U37 came along and that made it to a Kickstarter and ARMstamp production. So now after firmware testing and web check, it's time to build up the web enabled Thermostat in the next few days. Here is that ESP8266 get time BASIC program.

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