ARM stamp - LPC11U37

25 years ago Parallax introduced the BASIC Stamp, for quite some time it was the DIY and lab tool for simple microprocessor control. That design was never updated. Now is the time for a new BASIC Stamp.

This board keeps that 5V tolerant 24 pin Stamp form factor and replaces the RS-232 debug connection with USB. In addition it uses modern components to get 700 times the performance and more than 100 times the memory.

This board can be programmed in BASIC or C with our tools. Details on our floating point BASIC here. Other libraries provide support for math functions and hardware access.

If you like mBed tools, you can use those as well by shorting pins 3 and 4 to enable mBed load. For other tools use the ARM stamp with SW debug.

An overiew of the hardware below. More in depth details including pin diagrams and schematics follow this link


  • 50 MHz ARM M0 CPU
  • 40 5 volt tolerant IOs
  • 8 10-bit A/D converters


  • 1.6”x0.9”


  • 128K user code space
  • 8K user data