Well snow fell last week up high, and will fall again this weekend at the lake (Tahoe). So it's time for me to finish my long running thermostat project. This will use an ARM stamp along with an ESP8266. WiFi connectivity to at least gather data on the heating system, and could be used to do a Nest replacement.

Finished off the PCB layout using KiCAD and sent it off to OSH Park. Expecting boards and the rest of the parts some time next week.

PCB layout of thermostat

Really liking KiCAD, though I need to either learn or change some of the hot keys. I let Freeroute route the board overnight and it made 100% routed, then went back in and beefed up power and ground, and moved some traces that were needlessly close to pads.

Yes this project has been dragging on, but a lot of it was measuring temperatures and existing thermostat behavior. Those measurements helped me improve the operation of the heating system.

So stay tuned, assembly will start in a week, and further details at the forum.

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